How to ship your miners 

Once we have agreed to host your miners, here is how you can ship them to us:

To ship your miners, use the following address:

Cryptominer Canada Inc
1130 Raoul-Charette
Joliette, Quebec,
J6E 8S6

Telephone number: 514-265-5770 (Only for shipping purpose)

All taxes and duties will be charged back to customer. We suggest UPS for shipment coming from outside Canada. You have to expect at least 5% GST tax on miners imported to Canada.Once you know your tracking number, please let us know so we can monitor the shipment.

How to reserve

To reserve, please contact us at info@cryptominer.ca
Please note:

  • The expected date is now May 1st 2018. We estimate 90% chance that the power will be there on May 1st. (Or maybe even before this date!)
  • A initial deposit of 100 CAD / kW reserved has to be paid within one week after we confirm your reservation. There will be a 30 CAD / Mth / kW charged of unused power after May 1st. As long as you pay the fee, the space is reserved for you. If you change your mind, a cancellation fee of the amount of your deposit will be charged.
  • Once your miner is setup, you will be charged the usual setup fee of 50 CAD / miner and will have to pay an additional deposit so the total of your deposit become 3 months of expected usage.


The final deposit needed is 3 months of expected monthly cost. This is because our electricity supplier asks us a 2 months deposit and we want to protect ourself against bad payers. This deposit is entirely refundable at the end of the hosting service agreement once all issued invoices are paid.

Interruptible / Non interruptible

Please note that this block of space is not subject to planned power outage in the winter like our interruptible rate. However, we still 

do not offer any warranty on uptime

. We do not have any redundant equipment and we are not a datacenter. Here are the 

general process to reserve:

  • Interested miners will have to reply by email on how many kW they want to reserve and what miners they are planning to put there (We only accept Bitmain miners).
  • We will confirm on how many spots you can have.
  • We will issue an invoice to pay your initial deposit. You will have one week to pay the deposit of 100 CAD / kW. If not made, the reservation will be cancelled.

Here are some notes:

  • We are estimating to have the power ready for May 1st. It will be made available to customers if it’s before this date. Note that if it’s after May first, we won’t be liable for miners sleeping. We are putting a best estimate on availability, but it may be longer due to unexpected delays.
  • Note that the rates for this facility is uninterruptible electricity starting at 90 CAD / kW / Mth + taxes. See our website for more infos.
  • Note that unused spot/power after May 1st will be charged 30 CAD / kW / Mth + taxes.
  • Please read our terms of service and make sure you agree with them before reserving.

Even if you do not reserve, we

may  have space in the future, but it is less likely.If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.Thank you, 

Remote access

There is no remote access allowed at this point. We know it could be a great feature to offer, but it's the easiest way to avoid some security risk in case of misconfiguration (We do not want someone to overclock its miner and break it on our watch for example).

We have in mind to provide a web interface similar to what we have internally to our customers so they'll be able to monitor the hashrate, temperature, pool configuration. But we cannot tell when the feature will be added (Not before 2018).

If you need to change your pool info, just email us and we will promptly update it.