Per continuous kW used in 30 days 2018 2019
First 30 kW 90 CAD TBD
30 to 60 kW 85 CAD TBD
60+ kW 80 CAD TBD
Per kWh (Same as above with a 720h/kW ratio) 2018 2019
First 21600 kWh 0.125 CAD TBD
Next 21600 kWh 0.1181 CAD TBD
Remaining kWh 0.1111 CAD TBD

Billing period are from the first day of the month until the beginning of the next month.

Please note that service, since provided in Quebec, is subject to a 5% GST and a 9.975% QST sales tax to be added to all price.



  • 1-time Setup fee : 50 CAD/ Miner
  • Fan replacement (With fan included): 50 CAD
  • Firmware upgrade: 20 CAD
  • RMA Process (Excluding shipping cost) : 70 CAD
  • PSU replacement: 20 CAD 
  • General hourly rate: 80 CAD
  • Outgoing miners handling fee 20 CAD


How consumption is calculated? How invoicing works?

We use a custom software to monitor all miners. At the end of the month, we use the uptime and average hashing rate of each miners to derive the consumption according to the miner efficiency. The efficiency used is usually the one provided by the hardware manufacturer or the observed efficiency if available.

Current miners efficiency

Model Efficiency
Antminer S7 275 J / TH
Antminer S9 110 J / TH
Antminer T9 140 J / TH
Antminer L3 1.76 J / MH/s
Antminer D3  (First models < 15 GH/s) 80 J / GH

Antminer D3  (Newest models > 15 GH/s)

65 J / GH
Antminer A3 1.67 J / GH