Pretax prices (Interruptible electricity)

Per kWh in the monthRate
First 21600 kWh0.1111
Next 21600 kWh0.1042
Remaining kWh0.0972

Billing period are from the first day of the month until the beginning of the next month.

Please note that service, since provided in Quebec, is subject to a 5% GST and a 9.975% QST sales tax to be added to all price.

Please note that we use the power used by the miner at the main meter level. Please see table below for efficiency measure used, efficiency measure is typically 5 to 10% over published efficiency by manufacturer.

  • 1-time Setup fee : 30 CAD/ Miner
  • Fan replacement (With fan included): 50 CAD
  • Firmware upgrade: 20 CAD
  • Disconnect/reconnect : 5 CAD / miner
  • RMA Process (Excluding shipping cost) : 70 CAD
  • PSU replacement: 5 CAD 
  • Technician hourly rate: 80 CAD
  • Programmer hourly rate: 140 CAD
  • Outgoing miners handling fee 10 CAD
  • Onsite appointment: 100 CAD + hourly rate


How consumption is calculated? How invoicing works?

We use a custom software to monitor all miners. At the end of the month, we use the uptime and average hashing rate of each miners to derive the consumption according to the miner efficiency. The efficiency used is usually the one provided by the hardware manufacturer or the observed efficiency if available.

Please note that according of what we have observed at the meter level, we are taking into account the discrepancy value of (+10%) of the specs efficiency.

Current miners efficiency and cost

Model Hashing unit Efficiency
(J / Hashing unit)
Typical hashing rate
(Hashing unit)
Typical power (W) Pretax (CAD)
With taxes (CAD)

Antminer S9 TH 110 13.5 1485 126 145
Antminer T9 TH 145 10.5 1522 137 158
Antminer L3 MH 1.75 500 875 79 91
Antminer D3 (First models < 15 GH/s) GH 80 15 1200 108 124
Antminer D3 (Newest models > 15 GH/s) GH 65 18 1170 105 121
Antminer A3 GH 1.67 815 1361 122 141
Antminer S9i TH 107 13.5 1445 123 141

* Please note that this table is only for estimating purpose. Assuming those efficiency, a 100% uptime and a specific hashing rates. Figures may vary depending on the observed performance/consumption of your miner.