Terms of service

 Terms of service (Bitcoin Miner Hosting)

Agreement between Cryptominer Canada Inc “Us”, “Cryptominer” and the customer “You”.

Delivery. Delivery will be made by the customer at its own risk and expense to the specified location designated by us. Your hardware will be unpacked and inspected for damage. If damaged, we will inform you to arrange the return of the hardware. Customer must provide or buy a minimum 90% efficient server PSU to power the hardware.

Setup. There is a setup fee for all external hardware to be hosted. We will setup all hardware within 5 business days from reception. External hardware will be flashed and reset to factory defaults before being reconfigured by our technicians. Customer must provide us with its desired CGminer configuration parameters.

Monitoring and maintenance. We will do basic monitoring with our system to ensure the ongoing functioning of your hardware. A weekly reboot of all hardware will be made to fix any possible freezed hardware. We do not include any other maintenance than the weekly reboot in our Bitcoin Miner Hosting. We may fix trivial failure at customer’s expense.

Operating conditions We use exhaust fans to cool our datacenter. Temperature in the cold aisle is expected to be about 10 to 15 Celcius Degrees higher than the outside temperature. Hardware must have protection to shut off automatically in case of a cooling shortage.

Electricity consumption. Electricity consumption is computed using our in house system. The consumption is deducted from the registered hashrate of the miner and its efficiency at the meter level. We are using either our observed efficiency of the hardware which is about 5 to 10% higher than advertised by the manufacturer. In case of a malfunction of the system, a best estimate will be used to determine electricity consumption during monitoring system downtime.

Electricity charge. Advertised rate is available on our website. Monthly pricing assumes a 30 days month. Pricing may change at Cryptominer’s discretion with a 30 days notice.

Insurance. Cryptominer Canada Inc is required to properly insure customer hardware. In case of a accident customer will be redeemed with equivalent mining hardware by the insurer. Cryptominer Canada Inc is not responsible of potential revenue loss due to an accident.

Payment and deposit. Customer can pay by wire transfer or Bitcoin. Payment is required within 15 days of invoice issuance. A 60 days refundable deposit is asked at the beginning of the agreement. The deposit won’t be refunded until all issued invoices are paid. All transfers fees must be paid by the customer.

Uptime. We do not guarantee any uptime. Customer will not be charged for electricity while a downtime occurs. 

Winter interruptions  There is an expected interruptions of  maximum 400 hours per year for our electrical supplier (5% per year). Most of those hours will be in the winter especially during cold weather. This will result in downtime for our customers. Customers will not be charged for electricity while a downtime occurs.

Termination. Customer or Cryptominer the company may terminate the agreement upon written notice. In case of termination, we shall send the miners to the customer within 4 business days. Delivery costs shall be paid by the customer. Miners can be sent back only when all issued invoice are paid.

Taxes. Applicable taxes shall be added to the price of services. Taxes to charge depends on the place where service is provided. Since our datacenters are located in Quebec, GST (5%) and QST (9.5%) will be added to prices.

Duties. All taxes and duties will be charged back to customer. We suggest UPS for shipment coming from outside Canada. You have to expect at least 5% GST tax on miners imported to Canada

Configuration We do not support overclock. Only stock settings are accepted.